It’s a New Day

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
― Mae West


So this is it. After following blogs for a long time now I finally decided to start my own. I’m not gonna lie I was hesitating because I didn’t know how to do it, how to design and I wasn’t sure that a blog of mine could interest people. But then I thought life is too short to wait that much time before doing what you want, life is too short to hesitate and even if I am the only one reading my blog then I will be the only one reading my blog.

I always loved sharing things I love with people, I get excited very fast and I hope I will meet people who enjoy the same things that I enjoy so we can enjoy them toghether. I hope you will like to discover my universe and I hope be able to discover yours


I should also introduice myself a little bit. My name is Salomé I am an 18 years old french student, I am studying languages at the moment but I want to study fashion next year. I am a music, fashion lover, I am addicted to tvshows. I have a thing for pandas and palmtrees. I love to travel that makes me feel free. I love Disney movies. I dream of a life full of adventures and joy. I would love to go to Los Angeles one day. Did I mention that I am the biggest christmas lover on the planet? Because I am!!

Feel free to introduice yourself on the comments so I can know you better.




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